Update: Video Games Chronicle has now updated its story, stating: "We were told the project is currently in the early stages of development and will not feature at the Ubisoft Forward event set to take place later this week." This very much sounds like a project for the future then.

Original story: It looks like Ubisoft will continue its heartbreaking tradition of putting Sam Fisher in anything but a brand new Splinter Cell game later this week as plans for a big IP crossover have leaked ahead of the publisher's digital event. Codenamed BattleCat, this is an online PvP title that brings together the worlds of Splinter Cell, The Division, and Ghost Recon. Some mages of the title leaked on Twitter over the weekend, and Video Games Chronicle has corroborated the claim, stating "the images are authentic and that ‘BattleCat’ is targeting consoles and PC".

Included in the screenshots are the Cleaners and Outcasts gangs from The Division and Ghost Recon: Breakpoint's Wolves. Two game modes are described — Escort tasks a squad with escorting a package to a specific point on the map while Ringleader has you collecting rings from defeated enemies. The former sounds a lot like Overwatch, while the latter is basically Kill Confirmed from Call of Duty.


If the leak is indeed real, then an official announcement is expected during the Ubisoft Forward showcase event later this week. Of course, the sheer existence of this particular title doesn't mean we should entirely rule out the possibility of Sam Fisher's proper return, but it's certainly not looking likely. For more information on when you can tune in, check out our E3 2021 Timetable through the link.

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