Microsoft is doing a very good job of hiding the fact Psychonauts 2 will also release on PlayStation 4 because we have legitimately only just remembered to cover this piece of news. While developer Double Fine is now owned by the Team in Green, the sequel in question was Kickstarted years ago, meaning the PS4 version is still very much a thing. It will be out on 25th August 2021, and PS5 owners can also get in on the fun through backwards compatibility. Take a look at the latest trailer above for more footage.

Pre-orders on the PS Store will be coming in the near future, but Double Fine is on the whole chuffed that the finish line has almost arrived. A blog post reads: "We can’t wait to share our work and this wonderful world with you. Two months! It’s gonna kick a lot of butt!" Between now and the game's launch, the team will share further details on the story so far, the characters you'll meet and their powers, and much more. "Heck, we’ll even be able to do small things like share more screenshots and hopefully share more tech details on each version of the game once we're able."

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