It Takes Two PS5 PS4

Hazelight Studios has issued a sales update for the wonderful co-op title It Takes Two, confirming the PlayStation 5 and PS4 experience has now sold two million copies across the globe. This doubles the sales statistic shared by the team towards the end of April when it was announced the game surpassed one million sales in less than a month.

Taking to Twitter, the developer said: "We’re simply amazed by the PASSION you wonderful people have shown our game and we couldn’t be happier seeing so many fans of co-op out there." Writer and director Josef Fares then explains that theoretically, four million people have actually played It Takes Two since it relies on two people participating to start playing.

As for what comes next from the studio, Fares thinks we'll be blown away with what's planned. "If you ask me about our next game, I can tell you now, it will be even better than It Takes Two. It's gonna be so crazy. That's how sure I am, like the concept, what's gonna happen, and people will be blown away."

Are you one of the more than four million people who have played It Takes Two? Let us know in the comments below.