Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart is just a few short weeks away, and as with any intelligent life in the galaxy, we're super excited. It's a good thing Insomniac Games keeps putting out new screenshots and videos to keep us going, then. The latest trailer for the PlayStation 5 exclusive is embedded above, and it's an overview of sorts that explains some of the title's weapons and traversal options.

Hosted by Zurkon Jr., the video shows off the Rift Tether, allowing you to warp Ratchet through to new areas in a flash. The pint-sized robot also talks about the Phantom Dash, which is the game's term for the dodge move that sees Ratchet phase out of existence for a moment.

The video then switches speeds to focus on weapons, and we see some gameplay snippets showcasing guns new and old. These include Buzz Blades, Blackhole Storm, The Enforcer, and more. It's not an exhaustive list of weapons, but it goes to show how imaginative the arsenal is — as usual.

This video seems to be the first in a series, so we're looking forward to hearing more from Zurkon Jr in the run up to launch.

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