Watch Dogs Legion PS5 PlayStation 5

Watch Dogs Legion plays perfectly fine on PlayStation 5, but there's no denying a higher frame rate would be nice. Fortunately, a 60 frames-per-second mode is indeed coming to the new-gen version of the game, as confirmed back in April by Ubisoft.

So, when will this 60fps support arrive? There are no confirmed dates as of yet, but a recent blog post from the publisher goes over the details of the title's next major update. Title update 4.5 will fix a number of issues, but fans will certainly be pleased to hear that it's this update that'll include support for the higher frame rate. Again, no dates of any kind, but update 4.5 is the one to watch out for. It's worth noting that the 60fps mode will only be coming to the PS5 version, not PS4.

We'll be able to hack a neo-future London at a glorious 60 frames fairly soon, then — are you excited? Have you been waiting to play Watch Dogs Legion at a higher frame rate? Mind the gap in the comments section below.

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