Persona 4 Golden

The western world was made to wait almost seven months to play Persona 5 back in 2017 after it released in Japan in September of the previous year, and then another five months before Persona 5 Royal launched in European and US territories. And while localisation is a very necessary process, that's a long time to wait. It will be welcome news to fans of developer Atlus then that SEGA wants the team to make simultaneous worldwide launches a goal going forwards.

The news comes from a translated Famitsu interview with SEGA's vice president Shuji Utsumi. He said: "Simultaneous worldwide release on multiple platforms will be a tailwind for titles. Of course we'll make adjustments for each title, but we'd like to be aware of global expansion for Atlus titles as well." Upcoming Nintendo Switch exclusive Shin Megami Tensei V has already been confirmed to be launching at the same time worldwide, but you have to assume Nintendo is lending a helping hand in making that happen. SEGA's hope will be put to the test when the likes of a Persona 6 is ready for release.

Utsumi points towards Yakuza: Like a Dragon as one of the main reasons why Atlus should be trying to launch its games on the same day across the globe. He claims the introduction of Ichiban Kasuga was the most successful entry in the series since everyone could play it on the same day. "Ryu ga Gotoku 7 was the most successful in the series because it was released on multiple platforms with no gap in between." The studio now plans to have simultaneous global launches for all of its future games as a result.

Do you think we could one day see a Persona game launch worldwide on the same? Let's hope it happens in the comments below.

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