Returnal PS5 PlayStation 5 1

Returnal is one of the best PlayStation 5 games you can buy right now, but it has had one major criticism levelled at it: its save system – or lack thereof. Currently, the only way to retain your progress during a run is to put your console in Rest Mode, but this creates all kinds of hiccups with regards to the PS5’s automatic update system, and it effectively prevents you from multitasking. (We can’t help but wonder whether Sony had originally planned a Quick Resume-style feature for PS5 that Housemarque had intended to utilise but it never made it into the final OS.)

Whatever the case, Finnish developer Housemarque is still searching for a solution. Newsletter Axios quotes marketing bigwig Mikael Haveri as saying that the firm’s “looking into improving the game’s limited save system [but hasn’t] decided on the best approach to take”. Don’t expect this to be resolved in the relatively near-future, then.

In addition to the save system, the team is busy beavering away on “new content and updates and fixes and stuff like that”, so potentially expect some kind of DLC to deploy later in the year. What would you like to see added to Returnal? Would you play some new levels or are you looking for different modes and challenges? Perhaps you’d appreciate a bit of both?