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Resident Evil Village was the first game in the long-running series to feature a sort of in-game cooking mechanic, fuelled by slaughtering wildlife throughout the game's village and then handing over the remains to the Duke. Eating the meals the merchant creates leads to permanent buffs for protagonist Ethan Winters. And while those, unfortunately, don't carry over to real life, one chef has recreated the recipes. The Chef Andy Lunique Twitter account has been posting the results, and they look a lot more appetising in the flesh.

The first dish the chef created was Tochitura De Pui, which Resident Evil Village describes as "a savory stew made from the juicy meat of a rare bird only found in this region". The game requires you to find four pieces of Poultry, three pieces of Meat, and one Fish, which Andy has substituted for chicken thighs, ribeye steak, and creamy polenta. The delicious results can be viewed below.

Chef Lunique then moved on to Bird and Beast Pilaf, something Resident Evil Village describes as "A hearty dish of poultry and meat cooked in rice and stock into a solid meal. Enough to make your entire body feel more sturdy than before". In-game, you'd need four pieces of Poultry and one piece of Meat to make it. Andy used braised oxtail, chicken, peas, tomatoes, and chive. The results are once again viewable below.

If the chef wants to carry on making these recipes in real life, there's still Herbed Fish, Three-Flavoured Mititei, Ciorba de Porc, and Sarmale de Peste to go. We really like the look of that Bird and Beast Pilaf dish, but which one is your favourite? Become a food connoisseur in the comments below.