It's crazy to think Square Enix took this long to put it out, but a sequel to The World Ends with You will finally arrive come the end of July 2021. 13 years after the fact! And to get you in the mood for this stylish RPG, the Japanese publisher has posted the opening video online that will greet us all after buying the game. Featuring a rocking soundtrack as well as re-introducing some of the characters from the first game, NEO: The World Ends with You should be a blast. Don't forget about that release date of 27th July 2021.

The game can be pre-ordered on the PS Store right now, with purchasing ahead of time granting you access to some sweet bonuses. Those include PSN avatars and a Legendary Threads set armed to the teeth with stat buffs. How excited are you for NEO: The World Ends with You? Get grooving to the opening movie's tune in the comments below.