NBA 2K21 PS5 PlayStation 5 1

As the NBA season stretches towards its conclusion in real-life – let’s go, Knicks! – NBA 2K21 is getting gassed with its Season 7 update in MyTeam: Full Throttle. As has been the case all year long, there are 40 tiers of rewards to complete here, culminating in a Dark Matter Vince Carter. You’ll be able to kick things off with a Ruby Evo Derrick Rose as a Level 1 reward.

On Saturday, 8th October, 2K Sports will be opening up the Token Market, where you’ll be able to pick up players commemorating the latest inductees into the Basketball Hall of Fame, while all players who login between 8th May and 15th May will be rewarded with a Hall of Fame badge. There’s a new Signature Challenge inspired by Tracy McGrady, as well as new Galaxy Opal base cards.

Tons to see and do in 2K Sports’ flagship basketball sim for the next four weeks, then – this is a fast and frantic one, as the playoffs approach. You’ve got until 4th June to finish up Season 7, but interestingly all 150,000 XP required to complete it will be available day one – assuming you’re willing to grind, of course.