It's only a couple of weeks before Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart lands in our galaxy. The PlayStation 5 exclusive is bound to be a winner, and these recent videos (hosted by Zurkon Jr., of course) are getting us all warmed up.

This latest trailer gives a brief overview of the game's story. The universe is in danger when Nefarious uses the Dimensionator to damage the fabric of reality, resulting in a bunch of rifts in space and time. Ratchet and his robo-buddy Clank are separated, and while the former pursues his friend, the latter gets picked up by Rivet, a brand new Lombax character.

It's nothing we don't already know, but if we've an excuse to get excited about Rift Apart, we'll take it. Are you ready to rock on 11th June? Grind into the comments section below.