Fall Guys is no stranger to crossovers with other gaming franchises, and the next big collaboration is being teased on social media. The trouble is that the teaser is so cryptic, we're struggling to figure out what new costumes are coming to the 60-player platformer. Let's analyse this and work through it together.

So, here's the tweet in question, showing a pair of silhouetted Fall Guys characters dressed in the new outfits:

Hmm. Well, looking at this image, it appears to us that the character on the left might be holding something spherical, such as a ball, or maybe a bomb. That can't be right.

Let's see about the text in the tweet. "We’ve got an EXPLOSIVE collab coming soon" it reads, followed by a bomb emoji and an explosion emoji. We're not completely sure, and this is probably wrong, but perhaps the tweet is implying that these characters have a tendency to blow up, or cause explosions. It's not very clear, unfortunately.

Perhaps the biggest clue comes from a follow-up tweet from publisher Konami. Retweeting the above post, Konami's tweet says "Wow, this tweet really blew up! Your guess is as good as mine..." followed by the eyes emoji. This is a real head-scratcher, guys. We've put our heads together and we can't think of any Konami characters that a) look like the silhouettes and b) are famed for their use of bombs. What a mystery this all is.

Oh, wait. Hang on. Could it be a crossover with... Bomberman? Bomberman costumes coming to Fall Guys?

Man, we just don't know. Guess we'll have to wait and see.

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