Uncharted The Lost Legacy PS5 PlayStation 5 1

Shaun Escayg, the director on the critically acclaimed spin-off Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, has rejoined Naughty Dog. The industry veteran left The Last of Us maker to lead development on Marvel’s Avengers, but has announced on Twitter today that he’s returned to “the kennel” as a creative director and writer.

Welcoming him back into the fold, the official Naughty Dog account said that it’s “looking forward to doing awesome stuff together”. The studio is working on many projects at the moment, including a rumoured remake of The Last of Us for PlayStation 5 and a semi-announced multiplayer game. There were reports recently that it was also, at one point, collaborating with Sony Bend on a new Uncharted.

Naughty Dog has urged patience in recent months, promising that it has “several cool things on the way” and will “share them as soon as it can”. It’ll be interesting to see what Escayg gets up to upon his return.

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