Things have been a little quiet on all things Temtem, but that's about to change. The monster-collecting RPG has been in early access for some time now, and while that's not coming to an end just yet, a large game update is about to hit on PlayStation 5. With the update installed, you'll be able to visit Cipanku Island, a brand new territory in the MMO's expansive map.

Writing on the PlayStation Blog, game director Guillermo Andrades discusses what this new location brings to the table. First and foremost, players will be able to discover brand new Temtem to catch and battle. Cipanku Island will house electric/digital themed critters, which will no doubt beef up your team.

Additionally, the update introduces Lairs, group activities in which you and up to four others battle your way to possibly finding and catching a mythical Temtem. Lairs give each participant a unique, randomly generated path, but resources are shared among players, so you'll have to work together despite being apart. Interestingly, during a Lair run, you have to form a team of Temtem on the fly; you won't be taking in your battle-hardened brutes.

Other new features include a teleport system that lets you hop about the world map faster, and full Activity Card implementation with all in-game quests. The game still has some ways to go until it's done, but this seems like a hefty update fans can sink their teeth into.

The update arrives today on PS5. Are you excited to explore Cipanku Island in Temtem? Telltell us in the comments section below.