Tales Of Arise PS5 PS4

While it has never been a major focus for the JRPG series, multiplayer functionality has shipped with most entries in the Tales of franchise. Co-op modes allowed up to four players to team up during battles, but that won't be possible in Tales of Arise. Confirmed as part of an interview with IGN, the feature won't be brought forward because the team wants to focus on the narrative becoming intertwined with a single character more than ever before.

Producer Yusuke Tomizawa said: "So this game is really a standalone game where one person really enjoys the drama and the overall story of the game, we don't really have any plans currently for a multiplayer mode. But on the other side, we did put a lot of focus on how the characters work together and how they cooperate in the battle and how that plays out in game mechanics."

Tomizawa then goes on to explain that while the developer did explore using an open world format, the game will be fairly linear. "We thought this was the best way for players to really enjoy what Tales of Arise is all about. Again, the story, character development, all that good stuff, we thought that was the best way to deliver that gameplay to the player." And as a quick catch up if you missed last week's blowout, Tales of Arise comes to both PS5 and PS4 on 10th September, and you can catch seven minutes of gameplay through here.

Have you played past Tales of games with friends? Are you disappointed that those multiplayer options have been stripped? Take your turn in the comments below.

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