The Getaway London Studio

London Studio has, in recent years, been Sony’s premiere virtual reality team – but it looks like it’s temporarily stepping away from the technology, if job listings are to be believed. There’s no mention of PSVR at all in its open positions, but instead there are multiple references to a “brand new, next-gen IP” in development for PlayStation 5.

Roles include the likes of artists, graphics programmers, and animators – but there are also a couple of references to multiplayer. “We are really excited to open this hire for an experienced Online Gameplay Designer because it’s a role of crucial importance to the new PS5 project we are working on at London Studio,” one listing reads.

The post also explains that “as a first-party studio, we set out to produce games which show the exciting potential of the latest PlayStation hardware, so it’s important you are up for experimenting and working in uncharted design territory”. That sounds like exciting stuff to us – we wonder what the team’s got cooking.

There’s been a lot of talk this week about Sony focusing solely on blockbusters, but here’s a hint that one of its flagship teams has something original in the works. Having worked on lower profile titles like EyePet and SingStar in the past, we doubt anyone would argue against the UK team tackling a larger-scale project.

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