Maneater will return to the deep blue ocean this summer with newly announced DLC pack Truth Quest. Priced at £12.99/$14.99 and coming to both PlayStation 5 and PS4, the expansion will pick right up where the story of the base game left off. Actor Chris Parnell will reprise his role as Maneater's investigative journalist whilst you, the shark, burrow deep into the secrets and conspiracies surrounding Port Clovis and the Naval Wildlife Organisation.

"The original stories of animals growing bone-like armor, emitting flesh-eating toxins, or using electricity as a weapon were simply just old fisherman's tales. That is until conspiracy theorists everywhere pointed to the original Maneater as solid proof of a Government coverup", a press release reads. "Trip Westhaven, driven to the brink of madness, fires up his ViewTube channel “Truth Quest”, to take his followers, the “Questers” into deep waters in an effort to uncover the dark secrets behind this whale of a tale."

The Truth Quest DLC will introduce an entirely new region to rummage through as well as new evolutions, challenges, and wildlife. Two new objective types will give you new gameplay opportunities to experience, the level cap is being increased to 40, and five more organ evolutions can now be equipped. You will need to own the base game to play, but PS Plus subscribers already do since the PS5 version was free through the service. That is if you redeemed it, of course.

Sean McBride, creative director at Tripwire Interactive, said: "We’re aiming to give players more of what they loved from the original Maneater, with the ability to grow bigger, explore an entirely new region off the coast of Port Clovis, and evolve further tools of destruction. Inspired by Scaly Pete's father's tales of 'Gub'ment Experiments', we pick up where we left off and join Trip Westhaven and the shark's journey down the rabbit hole of conspiracy and military cover ups as you eat, explore and evolve through these uncharted waters."

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