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Outriders has proven more popular than perhaps we expected, moving over 50 per cent of its physical copies on PlayStation 5 in the UK – and setting some impressive concurrent records on Steam. It would seem, perhaps, that not even Polish developer People Can Fly accounted for this kind of success, as its servers have been up and down since launch.

Of course, with the game requiring an online connection in order to play, it’s been a rough few days for the title’s social media team. However, with things beginning to stabilise, it’s promised to provide a post-mortem on exactly what went wrong on release day – and what it’s done to solve the issues, so that everyone can successfully login.

“We're still continually working through it all, but we're hoping to in the near future share more specific details about what’s going on and what we've been doing about it,” a statement reads on the title’s official Twitter account. How’s your Easter weekend with Outriders fared? Restart the servers in the comments section below.

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