Judgment Sequel

It would appear that footage from a new Judgment game — we assume a sequel — is being posted on Twitter through the title's official accounts. We're talking super short clips here, without any sound, but they're definitely not taken from the Judgment that we know.

Again, the clips are completely new, and with 'Judgment Day' scheduled for the 7th May, we're now fully expecting the reveal of a second game.

And honestly, we can't wait. We recently reviewed the PS5 version of Judgment, and we're confident in saying that it's one of the very best Yakuza titles on the market, despite being a standalone spinoff.

It'll be interesting to see what a potential sequel might add to Judgment's mix of tense storytelling, crunchy combat, and intriguing detective work. Here's hoping that next week's announcement blows us away.

[source gematsu.com]