Excellent Yakuza spin-off Judgment comes to PlayStation 5 today (we'll have a review for you in the near future), but it appears SEGA is already ready to share what's next for protagonist Takayuki Yagami. The game's official website is teasing an announcement for 7th May 2021 that has been dubbed Judgment Day. The YouTube video above will host the reveal, which has been uploaded with a lot of time to spare. It will go live at 7am PDT/ 10am EDT / 3pm BST on the aforementioned date.

So, what could this announcement be? Our minds immediately jump to a fully-fledged sequel, which is sorely needed after the spin-off's awesome debut on PS4. Another possibility is the confirmation of a PC version for the original game, but SEGA seems to be putting a decent amount of weight behind this reveal and something like that feels a little too simple. The publisher recently registered a trademark for "Lost Judgment", which some took as a Judgment sequel. We hope that is the case, but speculate is all we can really do until 7th May 2021 rolls around.

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