We thought that expecting Lost Soul Aside to crop up during this week's ChinaJoy press conference would be a fairly safe assumption, but as it turns out, IGN has the exclusive reveal two days ahead of time. We've got a whole 17 minutes of gameplay footage to digest, featuring both cutscenes and combat. The Devil May Cry-inspired title from developer UltiZero Games certainly looks the part too with a ton of flashy brawls and abilities on show.

What really caught our eye, however, was the traversal. The main character is equipped with special powers that allow him to glide through the air with a set of wings, a weird-looking skateboard, and even a sort of gooey grappling hook. It remains to be seen whether you can use these abilities as and when you like outside of set pieces, but it all looks pretty cool nonetheless. Footage concludes with an epic boss fight and an interesting cutscene that hints at what's to come.

This one is seemingly still slated for just PlayStation 4 as of right now, but maybe that changes in a few days time. We wouldn't say no to a release date either. Do you like the look of Lost Soul Aside? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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