If, like this author, you grew up in the era of Bullfrog, then you’ll probably be interested in Let’s Build a Zoo – a new management sim from No More Robots and Springloaded Games. The twist here is that you can breed different types of animal using DNA splicing technology, meaning that the crocoduck enclosure you’ve always dreamed of can finally become a reality.

In addition to conceiving genetic monstrosities, you’ll also need to hire staff to look after your animals and keep your visitors fed and watered. There’s a morality system, which means you can decide exactly which management style you want to adopt: are you going to treat your employees well, or work them to the bone?

Technically this one’s not announced for PS4 yet – a closed PC beta is coming very soon – but we’re assured console ports will follow at some point in the future. As huge fans of Theme Park and Theme Hospital, we reckon this looks like a great time, and we’re looking forward to the eventual PlayStation ports.

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