Guilty Gear Strive Open Beta PS5 PS4

Guilty Gear Strive returns on the 13th May for its second open beta. It'll be available to download and play on both PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. Just like the first beta, it'll include online matches as well as a versus mode where you can play against the CPU or a friend locally.

All 15 characters from the game's base roster will be playable this time around. Anji Mito and I-No — the final two fighters to be revealed — weren't present in the first open beta.

Again, it all begins on the 13th May, and it'll run for three full days, until the 16th May. You'll be able to download the beta starting from the 7th May.

This second beta will also feature a revamped online system. A rematch option has been added (which was sorely missed in the first beta), as well a way to queue for matches with other players.

Guilty Gear Strive Open Beta 2

We were hugely impressed by the previous Guilty Gear Strive open beta. In our preview, we stated that Strive is shaping up to be "the next great fighting game", heaping praise on its character designs, combat, gorgeous graphics, and outrageously good online netcode. You can read the full Hands On through the link.

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