PlayStation FC FIFA 21 1

You can now swear your allegiance to PlayStation FC with an exclusive kit available in FIFA 21. To be fair, given the overall state of some of the uniforms in EA Sports’ soccer sim, this is well worth copping – especially as it’ll only cost you fodder from your Ultimate Team inventory. You’ll need to complete a single Squad Building Challenge to unlock it, with the following parameters fulfilled:

  • Clubs: Minimum 3
  • Nationalities/Regions: Minimum 2
  • Gold Players: Minimum 1
  • Team Chemistry: Minimum 30
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Here’s what we turned in to complete the challenge, all with players we’ll literally never use. This team is probably worth 4,000 Coins maximum, although we haven’t done the maths.

PlayStation FC FIFA 21 2

The kit genuinely looks decent in-game, and we’re especially fond of the goalkeeper shirt which opts for a classy black and blue colour scheme. Below is a screenshot of how French forward Kylian Mbappe looks in the outfit after rocketing a volley into the top corner. Super League level stuff!

PlayStation FC FIFA 21 3

It’s actually not the only PlayStation-branded kit currently available in the game, as you can also get the PlayStation FC Schools Cup kit for completing a similarly straight-forward Squad Building Challenge. The two actually complement each other nicely, as home and away alternatives. Here’s Paul Pogba flaunting the threads:

PlayStation FC FIFA 21 4

Will you be rocking these in Ultimate Team for the rest of the season? Prove you’re a true fan in the comments section below.