The original Final Fantasy VII was a grand adventure, punctuated by a number of high quality CG cutscenes. At the time, they were a big deal, but like most CG from the 1990s, they haven't aged especially well. There's still an artistic flair to them, but by today's standards they're obviously very limited on a technical level.

And that's why this new video from YouTube channel SnazzyAI makes for a fun watch — especially if you have nostalgia for original game. Using a combination of remastering techniques, SnazzyAI has revived every cutscene in Final Fantasy VII in 1080p at 30 frames-per-second. They've simply never looked better.

On the remastering process, SnazzyAI writes: "This is the video I've wanted to do forever. I dug through the three discs that Final Fantasy VII for PS1 came on, extracted all the STR cutscene files, converted them to AVI files, and then I took them from their 240P resolution and 15FPS framerate (due to constraints of the PS1 CD) to nearly 1080p and 30fps using cutting edge AI upscaling and interpolation."

"My goal is to respect the masterful work of the original release. I simply want to unlock the detail that was already there, but sadly hidden behind the technical limitations of the time."

It's impressive stuff, and the coolest part is that, like SnazzyAI says, this remastered video lets us pick out smaller details that we never really noticed up until now. Again, fans of Final Fantasy VII should definitely take a look.