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No wonder Sony continues to dump money into Epic Games: court documents reveal that 46.8 per cent of Fortnite’s total revenues between March 2018 and July 2020 were driven by PlayStation 4. That’s significantly more than the 27.5 per cent contributed by Xbox One and 7 per cent spent through iOS. The remaining 18 per cent are split between PC, Android, and Nintendo Switch.

The data was revealed as part of an ongoing court battle between Apple and Epic Games, as the developer fights for a better share of the revenue on purchases accrued through the App Store. The irony here is that Sony is coining in a cool 30 per cent on every V-Buck sold, but perhaps the Unreal Engine maker doesn’t want to rock the boat too much on that front. With iOS contributing less than 10 per cent to its overall revenue, it probably feels confident it can better weather the consequences of its actions.

None of this will come as a surprise to those following Sony’s financials, of course. Microtransactions purchased through the PS Store are comfortably the organisation’s biggest revenue driver, exceeding both hardware and software sales. With PS4 having the largest global install base of all the major consoles, it’s only natural that its ecosystem is generating significant sums of money for third-parties.