PS Vita’s storefront may be shutting in August, but the software support keeps on coming. Tikipod is aiming to release one of the last great games for the handheld in the form of Astro Aqua Kitty – an intergalactic shooter with RPG elements. “It’s [a bit] sad to see the store closing soon, but we hope to be one of the last great PS Vita releases for everyone to enjoy,” founder Dugan Jackson told us.

The title – which will also be available on PS4, but not with cross-buy – will release on 15th April, and sees you forming a team of pilots and engineers which will level up as you progress through the game. You’ll also be able to spend any currency you farm on ship upgrades, which will help you to fend off the army of antagonists you’ll encounter across the release’s eight levels.

The full product will feature multiple difficulty tiers, as well as loot which you’ll be able to use to tailor your combat capabilities to different situations. It sounds like a lot of fun, and it’s got a rockin’ chiptune soundtrack to boot. Remember, if you do pick this up on PS Vita, it’ll live in your download list for the foreseeable future – you’ve just got to ensure you complete the transaction before 27th August.