Vostok Inc developer Nosebleed Interactive is making a love letter to the arcade its next project, planned for release on both PlayStation 5 and PS4. Arcade Paradise packages together more than 35 classic machines, ranging from the vector-based titles of the 1970s right the way through to the 3D experiences of the mid-90s. The announcement was made as part of Wired Productions' first Wired Direct livestream, and the trailer featured above should give you a small taste of what to expect when the arcade classics turn up at your doorstep.

With a release date set for later this year, you're handed the keys to the family laundromat and instead choose to transform the business into one more suited for light-gun games and slot machines. "Take the laundromat business made up of dull chores from washing clothes to throwing out the trash, and turn it into a booming arcade with the coolest games in town raking in all the money!" More than 35 arcade machines will come with their own stories and high score ranking, and you can even invite a second player along for the ride with local co-op support. Up to four friends can either work together or compete against one another.

If you could smell this game, it would smell like memories. Everything from the look and feel of the arcades, to using the latest PC connected to the mind-blowing dial-up connection, all has been recreated with pure love.

This one's for the nostalgic folks — would you consider yourself one of them? Let us know in the comments below.