PlayStation 5 chief architect Mark Cerny, who recently unlocked the Platinum Trophy in Demon's Souls, really knows what he's doing when it comes to those elusive digital gongs. The genius behind Sony's previous systems has taken part in a new interview with Game Informer where he takes a deep dive into the sort of Platinum Trophies he tries to unlock as well as the culture surrounding the trinkets. He states that he completely avoids targeting 100 per cent completion in a game should it require online play after a bad experience in PS3 title Resistance: Fall of Man.

After it's noted he has unlocked the Platinum Trophy for Rocket League, Cerny said: "This is the only Platinum Trophy I’ve ever gone after that has a multiplayer component. The MP folk are just too good! I can remember being on the Resistance: Fall of Man design team on PS3 and playing the game for hundreds of hours – I could finish the campaign on the hardest difficulty – and the weekend it came out, I went online and thought I’d show off my skills. Instead, I ended up getting dominated by players who were playing the game for the very first time. So, if the Platinum Trophy needs online, I skip it." We're right there with you, Mark. Get those pesky multiplayer Trophies out of here.

Elsewhere, the console architect explains how he will "take a peek" at Trophy guides to see if there any annoying requirements for the Platinum. He also occasionally finds himself in over his head with more optional content than he bargained for, with Cuphead giving him a tough time right now. "I’ve beaten it, but now I have to do it on the expert difficulty. Because I don’t know if I’ll be able to do it or not, I’m starting on the toughest bosses – the ones people say they gave up on. If I can get through the toughest five, then I’ll know I can do everything else."

Cerny then signs off by recommending PlayStation players try and unlock the Platinum Trophies in Horizon Zero Dawn, Astro Bot Rescue Mission, Gravity Rush Remastered, and Ghost of Tsushima. An excellent line-up of titles, if we do say so ourselves. Have you unlocked any of these final trinkets? Are you just as committed to unlocking Platinum Trophies as Mark Cerny is? Make your case in the comments below.