We’ve already been to the Isle of Man in Train Sim World 2, but the addition of the scenic Arosalinie may just make for the best virtual tourism available in Dovetail’s simulator to date. In this borderline fantasy setting, you’ll be travelling from Arosa to Chur, winding your way through the alps while crossing viaducts and passing through city streets.

As with any expansion in this title, you’ll be able to ride as a passenger, enjoying the sights as you would a real tourist – but the real beauty comes from driving the RhB Ge 4/4 II for yourself; a challenging train to master given the steep inclines of the track you’ll be navigating. There are also freight tasks included on the timetable, as well as various different weather scenarios.

This looks like ideal escapism to us, and it’s particularly pertinent at a time when we’re all still in lockdown. Are you an existing Train Sim World 2 player that’s looking forward to tackling this add-on pack? Or has this piqued your attention at all, as you seek out a spot of virtual tourism? Brave the snow in the comments section below.

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