We're less than one month away from the PlayStation 5 launch of Returnal now, which means the full marketing cycle is really starting to kick into gear. This latest trailer comes courtesy of the PlayStation Japan YouTube channel and it's all about breaking the loop. This is a rogue-lite experience at the very least, after all. We happen to think this latest slice of footage is one of the game's best trailers yet — it spends plenty of time focusing on both the story and gameplay.

Of course, Returnal recently went gold, which means that release date of 30th April 2021 is locked in and ain't budging. That is unless you're Cyberpunk 2077, obviously. There aren't a whole lot of new clips to discuss in this trailer despite how good it makes the fast-paced experience look, so sign off in the comments below to tell us whether you've already pre-ordered or not.

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