Well, here's at least one PlayStation 5 game we can say for certain we'll be playing this year. Developer Housemarque has announced that PS5 exclusive Returnal has officially gone gold, meaning work on the base game is complete and ready to be shipped. The Finish team shared the news on Twitter, where it also thanked everyone who has contributed to the project. "We can't wait to have this out soon and for every player out there to experience the planet of Atropos!"

Housemarque will now most likely turn its attention to working on a day one patch, while all we have to do is wait for that exciting 30th April 2021 release date to come around. In the meantime, check out our recent developer interview, where game director Harry Krueger and marketing director Mikael Haveri discussed the game's mysterious story, replayability, and other topics.

Have you got a PS5 pre-order in for Returnal yet? Start the loop in the comments below.

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