Immortals Fenyx Rising DLC PS5 PS4

The second of three planned pieces of DLC for Immortals Fenyx Rising will launch for both PlayStation 5 and PS4 on 25th March 2021. This latest slice of content, titled Myths of the Eastern Realm, introduces a brand new open-world area to explore, a new character to play as named Ku, and a new narrative including a different supporting cast. It's all themed Chinese mythology and will presumably cost £11.99/$14.99, just like the first expansion.

To get a taster of this upcoming DLC, those still playing the game can experience a primer quest available in-game right now. It's located to the south in the Valley of Eternal Spring region and challenges you with navigating platforms up in the clouds. There will be a reward for those who finish the quest, but completion isn't required to access the DLC itself when it arrives.

We found Immortals Fenyx Rising to be a pretty good Ubisoft title, recently charting in our Best PS5 Single Player Story Games guide and earning a 7/10 in the Push Square review. "Simplistic but enjoyable combat provides the basis for a stunning world full of explorative opportunities and a humorous narrative that’ll have you chuckling once or twice. Just don’t let anyone know what the cause was. Puzzles are definitely a source of frustration, but if you can look past them, Immortals Fenyx Rising provides a formulaic but entertaining experience."

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