Sony may be shutting down the PlayStation 3’s storefront – and abandoning decades of legacy content as a consequence – but the love for WipEout lives on, as this remake of the original PS1 game’s intro cinematic evidences:

Benjamin Brosdau uploaded the clip onto YouTube earlier this week, and it’s already attracting attention from the title’s development team – including co-creator Nick Burcombe:

According to Brosdau, work on this project started in 2009, but was rebooted earlier this year: “In 2021, I got back to it after finding some old files related to it on my hard drives,” he explained. “I built everything new from scratch, of course technology has come so much further in the meantime as well.”

The render is identical to the original FMV sequence included with the PS1 game, but don’t take our word for it, compare and contrast for yourself:

Of course, all of this has just left us longing for a new WipEout game. There have been attempts to resurrect the futuristic racing genre, with titles like Pacer, but you can’t beat the real thing. It seems unlikely Sony will return to the well – although remaster WipEout Omega Collection was a big success – but at least we’ll always have this beautiful cinematic to lust over.