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Video games are officially crazy: in a week where Microsoft has confirmed its acquisition of Bethesda, upcoming Arkane Studios console exclusive Deathloop is Game Informer’s cover story. The title – coming first to the PlayStation 5 later this year – is pitched as a first-person shooter “about a secret society that invents an eternal timeloop”. Your task is to eliminate eight shady leaders in order to put a stop to the Groundhog Day.

“For this month’s cover story, we take a deep dive into the creation of Deathloop. We spent several hours with the designers and artists working on the game and walked away with a better understanding of Deathloop’s gameplay hooks,” the magazine blurb explains. “Across 14 pages, we break down our exclusive demo in detail, highlight many of Colt’s phenomenal powers, and explain some of the many approaches that players can take through Deathloop’s open-ended environments.”

Of course, the highlight here, if we’re being truly honest, is the outstanding artwork; the retro comic book aesthetic makes for one of the most stylish covers we’ve seen in a long time. You can find out more about the issue itself through here.