Back when eSports Boxing Club was announced about a year ago, we’ll admit we didn’t think UK developer Steel City Interactive could deliver an experience that would rival the old Fight Night games. Well, it’s looking like the studio is going to hit us with a TKO, because a year later the in-progress project is blowing our mind – in all the right ways.

This low-key video, which introduces some of the mechanics and features from an alpha build of the game, is seriously impressive stuff. In terms of core visuals, the character models of Eddie Hall and David Adeleye – both real-world British boxers, for those who don’t know – are absolutely outstanding, but it’s the motion captured animation that really sells them.

The studio goes into detail about some of the gameplay systems you can expect in the final release, like an ingenious heartrate mechanic which is linked directly to your stamina. The video showcases the title’s foot planting animations, details how you can cancel out of specific punches, and even teases the career mode, which will see you working with different promoters to raise your profile.

Frankly, we’re absolutely blown away by what we’re seeing here. If this plays as tightly as it appears to, then Steel City Interactive has a sure-fire hit on its hands. There’s no word on a launch window right now, but considering the progress it’s made in the past year, we can’t wait to see what this looks like when it’s polished up and ready for release.