According to a new report from Kirk Mckeand of The Gamer, Sony plans to shutter the online stores associated with its PlayStation 3 console and handheld devices PS Vita and PSP. This means you won't be able to purchase digital versions of any of the games listed on the storefronts. The PS3 and PSP shops are supposedly being taken offline on 2nd July 2021, while the PS Vita gets a little longer until 27th August 2021. Sony will confirm the news at the end of this month, with the information coming from a source "familiar with the situation", according to the website in question.

The question the report doesn't answer, however, is whether you'll still be able to download the games you've already purchased past the proposed expiration dates. We have to assume you will, but we're sure it's a point the hardware manufacturer will clarify should this news prove to be true. This, of course, builds upon Sony's plans last year which saw the PS Store available on the web redesigned, dropping PS3 and PS Vita titles in the process. Now, if this report comes to fruition, fans will have to rush to snap up any titles they want digitally, with those expiration dates not too far away. It's surprising too, given the fact that PS Vita games continue to release to this very day.

Further supporting this claim is ScourgeBringer director Thomas Alternburger, whose game is getting a PS Vita version next month. He states that the team knew about the PS Vita online store shuttering, with it being the "last game to be approved and produced".

What do you make of this? When was the last time you bought a PS3, PS Vita, or PSP game digitally? Share the receipts in the comments below.

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