Outriders Demo

The Outriders demo has been out for nearly two weeks now, meaning PlayStation players have had the chance to get a good grasp of what this looter shooter will have to offer and form a solid opinion based on that experience. Some users have loved it, while others aren't so excited about what they played. We happen to fall on the latter side of the debate, with our first impressions available for you to read through here. Developer People Can Fly has now commented on the reception to its demo over on the PlayStation Blog, where it described the process as "a real rollercoaster of emotions".

When asked about the reception to the pre-release taster, creative director Bartet Kmita said: "At first, I was excited that so many people wanted to play as soon as the demo was live, but this was followed by a brief panic-moment when servers were not scaling fast enough. When the server situation was resolved we started to see first impressions of the game itself, and the whole team has been watching as many streams, Let’s Plays and think-pieces as we can – it’s been amazing to see what everybody thinks so far. In the end, I’m extremely happy that so many people played the demo and that they are enjoying it."

Kmita goes on to explain how People Can Fly will be reacting to community feedback based on the demo. He says that motion blur and the awkward camera shake which sent some players to the toilet will be fixed. "We strive to be as transparent as possible when it comes to these initial teething issues, and we see a lot of support from the community in return." It really sounds like pleasing its community will play a large part in the post-launch experience of Outriders.

The game will launch on both PS5 and PS4 on 1st April 2021, with an in-depth end-game component planned for launch — that slice of content should keep you coming back long after the credits roll. Outriders is not being described as a game as a service, however. We'll see what People Can Fly's plans for the game look like after launch. Are you buying the game based on what you played during the demo? Let us know in the comments below.

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