God bless Arkane Studios – at least we have one more game to enjoy before the team’s forever locked in Xbox boss Phil Spencer’s first-party lair. You may recall Game Informer is running a cover story on the upcoming PlayStation 5 timed exclusive Deathloop – and here’s a lengthy look at some of the weaponry you’ll find in the forthcoming release.

There’s a lot of familiar stuff here, from shotguns to pistols, but the gunplay looks undeniably entertaining all the same. You can feel the Dishonored influence, as Colt is able to “blink” to different areas and launch enemies into the air, but some of the firearms have fun twists: you can link two foes together, for example, and take them out in one shot.

The game just looks great. Remember, while it may look like your average first-person shooter in this footage, it’s as much a puzzle game as a gun-‘em-up, as you work through the same day over and over in an attempt to put a stop to the nefarious society responsible for the timeloop you’re trapped in. Top notch stuff – we can’t wait!

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