Octopath Traveler PS4 PlayStation 4 PS5

Octopath Traveler, the retro-style role-playing game originally developed for Nintendo Switch, has followed a curious release schedule. The title was billed as a big exclusive for the hybrid console, before eventually launching on PC and later Google Stadia. This week it’ll be added to Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass service, although the Xbox One port has barely been acknowledged by publisher Square Enix.

We assumed that’s because it would be featured during last week’s Square Enix Presents livestream, where we expected it to be announced for the PlayStation 5 and PS4 as well, but the title wasn’t mentioned at all. As such, we checked in with the Japanese firm to ask whether the title would release on Sony’s system at all, but the publisher told us that it was “unable to provide comment” on our query. Curious stuff.

Gematsu also checked in with the organisation, and shared the following comment on Twitter: “We have no updates at this time for Octopath Traveler aside from what was already announced.” So, what’s going on here? This reminds us of when Yakuza: Like a Dragon was pushed back a few months on PS5 for contractual reasons, although we’re scratching our head over the prospect of Microsoft buying timed exclusivity for a title already available on various other platforms.

It’s a weird one, for sure – it’s hard to imagine that Square Enix would skip PlayStation entirely if it was already porting the game to Xbox One, but right now all we have are these non-answers from the publisher. Will it come out on PS5 and PS4 eventually? It’s hard to imagine it won’t, but seeing as the Final Fantasy maker won’t give us a roadmap, our only real suggestion is for you to sit tight and see what unfolds later in the year.