You know what, Hood: Outlaws & Legends is looking alright. It's a PvPvE multiplayer game in which two teams of four compete to steal heavily guarded treasure, with a loose Robin Hood theme. In this latest gameplay trailer, one of the developers talks us through the Ranger class, and the game is looking pretty solid.

As you'd expect, the Ranger is all about the long bow. The class is best suited to taking out enemies from afar or in stealth, and offers support to other players by shooting arrows with ropes, allowing them to scale walls. He'll also be able to throw down blinding flash grenades to deal with encroaching enemies, and can tag baddies so your teammates can see them.

Presumably, Focus Home Interactive will follow up this video with overviews of other classes. There's plenty of time for that, though — the game is scheduled for release on 10th May, coming to PlayStation 5 and PS4. Are you interested in this one? Will you be playing as the Ranger? Shoot down to the comments section below.