Hitman 3 is back with another round of content for players who wish to assassinate targets and dress up in dumb costumes beyond the base game, with lots of new Contracts, Escalations, and even a new seasonal event to keep you occupied across the coming month. The headline addition is the seasonal event Berlin Egg Hunt, which sends you back to the German location with the task of collecting Easter eggs spread throughout the map. Should you succeed, you'll unlock the Raver Outfit — perfect for joining those on the dancefloor and that one weird dude who busts some moves in just his pants. It'll be available for two weeks, starting 30th March 2021.

Next up is some content exclusive to Deluxe Edition owners, which is The Satu Mare Delirium Escalation. Making it through all of its stages will unlock the Straitjacket Outfit, the Straitjacket Belt, and Taunton Dart Gun for use across other locations. Then, following up on Easy Allies and MinnMax are Easy Allies and Eurogamer, with both outlets treating us to their own themed Contracts. Michael Huber, Ben Moore, and co take us to Chongqing while our Gamer Network comrades are prepped for Mendoza. March will also feature another Elusive Target and one more Escalation titled The Lesley Celebration, with a general game update planned for the 30th.


This is more great content to build on what was already a fantastic game — one worthy enough to get a 9/10 rating in the Push Square review. "IO Interactive has honed its gameplay formula to perfection, and it’s on top form here, designing missions like Dartmoor where you can lose yourself for hours solving a murder mystery that’s largely separate to the events of the core game. The process of puzzling out each level, deconstructing it, and then executing the perfect Silent Assassin run is some of the most fun you can have on PS5 right now – don’t miss this victory lap from one of gaming’s best franchises."

Have you been keeping up with Hitman 3's post-launch content? What excites you the most about this month's additions? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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