IO Interactive is getting content creators involved with its Hitman 3 post-launch plans after confirming that the first update planned for February will contain Contracts put together by Kinda Funny and MinnMax. Detailed in the video watchable through here by community developer Clemens Koch, this month's roadmap encompasses lots of different pieces of content that will have assassins coming back for more.

MinnMax gets the ball rolling with a set of Contracts across the Dubai map on 11th February, which Kinda Funny will follow up on 12 days later on 23rd February with Contracts in Dartmoor. If you're not a fan of either outlet though, there are still loads of other levels to look forward to. Deluxe Edition owners will get The Proloff Parable, a deluxe Escalation set on Hitman 3's final level. Agent 47 is dressed as a white ninja and equipped with a katana — standard stuff. Next, The Gauchito Antiquity is all about impersonating targets. Each Escalation comes with a unique set of unlocks which can be used in other levels.

Hitman 3 February Content Roadmap

Available starting today, The Baskerville Barney is yet another Escalation set in Dartmoor which tasks you with killing every family member through accidents. The Sinbad Stringent follows on 18th February, closely followed by a set of elusive targets on the Sapienza map. Now that sure is one classic location. There'll also be a general game update on 23rd February, presumably containing tweaks and bug fixes.