Minute of Islands PS4 PlayStation 4

We've been quietly looking forward to Minute of Islands for quite some time, so we were pretty excited by its 18th March release date. Sadly, however, the game won't be hitting its target. Developer Studio Fizbin has today announced an indefinite delay.

This has been brought on by some "major technical issues" in recent testing. The studio wants to "ensure that everyone can enjoy it in the best possible condition", so it's giving itself more time to resolve these newfound problems. "We hope players will soon be able to follow in our protagonist Mo’s footsteps across the vivid world of Minute of Islands and find out for themselves what makes the game so special," reads the press release.

Again, there's no firm release date right now, so it's unclear when we can expect to play the game. Hopefully this setback doesn't push it out too far. Are you looking forward to Minute of Islands? Sail into the comments section below.