We've known about Minute of Islands for about 18 months at this point, and we were beginning to wonder when we'd get to play this intriguing adventure title. Fortunately, developer Studio Fizbin has almost wrapped things up, and the game is now right around the corner. Announced today, the hand-drawn experience comes to PlayStation 4 at last on 18th March 2021.

If you've not been keeping up, Minute of Islands is a puzzle-platform adventure game about Mo, a young engineer attempting to save the titular islands from a poisonous substance. A colourful, cartoonish visual style belies some darker tones to the story. In terms of gameplay, it looks like it'll primarily involve environmental puzzles as you explore and help island residents.

One to watch, we think, but what about you? Are you looking forward to Minute of Islands? Take a minute in the comments section below.