Final Fantasy VII Remake Yuffie DLC

Square Enix has released some finer details on Episode Yuffie — the Final Fantasy VII Remake DLC that'll be exclusive to PlayStation 5 once Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade launches this summer. As shown in the reveal trailer, you'll be playing as the young ninja throughout this escapade, and you'll be joined by a new character named Sonon.

Sonon isn't actually fully playable in battle, but Yuffie will be able to pull off tag team attacks with his help. What's more, Yuffie's giant shuriken weapon lets her fight at any range, which should allow for some degree of strategy.

As for the story of Episode Yuffie, all we know is that it'll be spread across two 'chapters'. We obviously don't know how long these chapters will be, but if it's anything like the main game, then we'd probably bet on this DLC being just a few hours long at most. Hopefully it's entertaining while it lasts.

We don't know how expensive Episode Yuffie will be, either — just that it needs to be purchased separately if you're taking advantage of the free PS4 to PS5 upgrade for Remake. No doubt we'll be getting much more information over the coming months.

Oh, and that edgy looking guy with the mad hair from the trailer? More dedicated fans may have already recognised him: he's called Weiss, and he's from dismal PS2 title Dirge of Cerberus. Thankfully, it doesn't sound as though Weiss will be a part of the DLC's narrative. Instead, he's set to be a powerful boss that you can fight in the game's VR arena. Phew.

Are you looking forward to Intergrade? Do you have high hopes for Episode Yuffie? Steal some materia in the comments section below.