Evan's Remains was a truly beautiful 2D puzzle-platformer that released last year on PlayStation 4, so we were always going to be interested in what developer Maitan69 Studios does next. That project just so happens to be RE:CALL, announced today as part of publisher Whitethorn Digital's online showcase. The presentation also played host to the confirmation of Beasts of Maravilla Island for PS4. This, however, is described as a cartoony adventure game where you'll play as 10 different characters and experience their memories.

In RE:CALL you play through the memories of the character you're controlling. Your actions inside these flashbacks have immediate consequences in the present moment, letting you take advantage of the situation in order to progress the story. Tackle mind-bending puzzles that rely on altering your own memories to shape the future.

The game's Steam page lists a release date of 2023, so don't expect to play this one any time soon. Will you be adding it to your digital wishlist? Recall your own memories in the comments below.