If you're craving New Pokémon Snap on Nintendo Switch but you haven't bought the system itself just yet, an upcoming PlayStation 4 release may satisfy your needs in the meantime. Announced as part of Whitethorn Digital's publisher showcase, Beasts of Maravilla Island is coming to Sony's last-gen console and it really does look a lot like the Nintendo 64 classic. With visuals suitable for the world of today, of course.

The game, due for release at some point this year, puts you in the shoes of Marina Montez. It'll be your job to save the island of Maravilla by photographing the animals which inhabit it — puzzles must be solved and terrain traversed in order to get up close and personal with them. Some inhabitants will even need to be encouraged to perform their unique behaviours, which sounds like a leaf taken out of the book of Bugsnax. With more than 50 animals and plants to photograph, three different ecological zones ensure your journal will be jam-packed with unique captures.

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