Elden Ring PS4

Footage of an internal Elden Ring trailer leaked at the beginning of last week, sending those who have been waiting years for any nugget of information overboard (the game's official Reddit was a sight to behold at the time). Roughly two minutes of action was leaked onto the internet, giving us our first glimpses of the next atmospheric world from creator Hidetaka Miyazaki and writer George R.R. Martin. However, there may have been a knock-on effect. According to one reliable insider, the official gameplay reveal of Elden Ring may have been pushed back slightly because of the leak.

Speaking on his own The Game Mess Show, GamesBeat writer Jeff Grubb states that Bandai Namco's plans may have been pushed back as messaging has to be rearranged and the source of the leak in question must be discovered. "The reason I think the leak might have messed things up, is I just think Bandai Namco are cracking down, figuring out how to adjust the messaging, making sure they fully understand how the leak happened...and then continue down the path toward officially announcing the game."

Grubb then goes on to explain how the publisher will have lots of opportunities to reveal the game on its own terms over the next couple of months. It may choose to show something itself around E3 season, or team up with one of the platform holders. Microsoft hosted the title's announcement on its stage at E3 2019, so if the team in green has the marketing deal, an Xbox showcase is most likely where it will appear next. Still, it sounds like we'll see Elden Ring once more in an official capacity at some point this year. Jeff Grubb holds a fairly good track record when it comes to this sort of stuff, so it's worth investing a bit of trust into the claims made above.

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