Bloodborne PS5

Bloodborne. PS5. Bloodborne. PS5. Bloodborne. PS5. Bloodborne. PS5. How many times must we write those two words in the same article? That's right folks, we're back here once again to talk about the possibility of FromSoftware's exquisite PlayStation 4 exclusive making its way to Sony's current-gen console.

This time, Twitter user @zemariSpartans spotted something strange on the PlayStation Store (accessed on PS5). On Bloodborne's product page, the additional options tab brings up a supposed 'PS5' listing for the game (along with a PS4 demo, for some reason).

Alongside all of the previous Bloodborne PS5 rumours that just never seem to stop, it's easy to assume that there must be something to this new listing. As always, though, we wouldn't get your hopes up. The PlayStation Store has shown similar listings for other games in the past — and they're usually just caused by some kind of bug.

That said, logical reasoning isn't going to stop these rumours anytime soon. Given Bloodborne's success on PS4, an eventual PS5 version — that corrects the game's odd performance issues — simply makes sense. We'd love to see it happen, if only so that this endless cycle of speculation could finally come to an end.

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